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Desert Island DJs:
“Radio Heidelberg - Deutsches Radio 22.2.00”
mix by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Fri, 10 May 2013
I've been using tape recorders in various ways my whole life. Years before I'd ever heard of Sublime Frequencies, I'd been gathering field recordings on trips in the US and abroad and occasionally trying to find a set-up where I could document sounds coming over the local radio stations (i'd never thought of releasing them though!). The podcast that follows is from one such trip.

I was visiting my dear friends Shurd & Jane in Heidelberg, Germany and decided one cold, rainy Tuesday night in late February to sit down in their flat with a bottle of red wine and a pack of cigarettes to record sounds off German Radio. The selections were made fairly randomly, either because I liked something, found it funny or horrible, or because (in the case of AC/DC for example) it seemed odd, or perfect, in context at the moment.

Songs that go on too long are probably a result of trips to the kitchen or the toilet. 20th C. Electronic composition, German Pop, Dixieland, Eurotrash Techno, Oldies…… it's whatever was coming through the air the night of 22 February 2000. No edits were made from the original cassette recording. Hope you enjoy it……static and all!

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