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Desert Island DJs:
“Not Your Cup of Tea: Air bubbles on an inner tube.”
mix by Duncan Edwards
Fri, 29 Mar 2013
Not Your Cup of Tea presents "Air bubbles on an inner tube."

1. Bernard Hepton as Puritan William Prynne- Reading from Histiomastrix
2. Goat - Goathead
3. Mike Sammes Singers - First Lady
4. Laurie Spiegel - Appalachian Grove III
5. Radio Thailand Transmissions - 21st Century Perspiration (excerpt)
6. Adnan Othman & The Rhythm Boys - Budi Bahasa
7. Earl King - Eating And Sleeping
8. Mike Sammes Singers - Pattons
9. Kind & Kegel - We Smile
10. The 49 Americans - I Be Later
11.Radio Thailand Transmissions - Tourism Past The Medium Wave (excerpt)
12. John Cage remixed by DJ Spooky - Rozart Mix
13. Antonin Artaud remixed by DJ Spooky - Pour Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu (To Have Done With God's Judgment)
14.U Roy - Rhythm Land (Dreamland version)
15. Desmond Leslie - The Stranger's Quest
16. Dream Boat - Eclipsing
17. Odd Nosdam - On
18. The Don Issac Ezekiel Combination - Amalinja
19. Antena - Camino Del Sol
20. Sun City Girls - Come Maddelena
21. Jelinek/Peklar/Leictmann - Buddha Machine Commercial
22. Mosquitos - Preguica
23. A Place To Bury Strangers - Sunbeam
24. Vivian Stanshall - Terry Keeps His Clips On

1.Bernard Hepton's piece is included on the CD The Compleat Dancing Master.
2. Goat are from Scandanavia and their record from last year seems a bit "psychedelic Afro Beats by numbers" but it is rather enjoyable.
3. Mike Sammes and The Mike Sammes Singers drive me crazy with their ads and their hymns, too. Available from the incredible Trunk Records.
4.Laurie Spiegel's groundbreaking album The Expanding Universe was reissued in 2012 - fittingly in an expanded form. It harks from the days when computers were as big as sheds and fridge freezers.
5.The snatches from Radio Thailand and also the Adnan Othman track (from the new Pop Yeh Yeh CD of psychedelic rock groups from Singapore and Malaysia inspired by Cliff Richard) are on the Sublime Frequencies label. See also Sun City Girls.
7.Earl King - a New Orleans great and one I once saw play in a church.
9. Sturm & Twang! What an album title. Perhaps only bettered by Duane Eddy's Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel.
10. The 49 Americans LP We Know Nonsense has been reissued and is a great release that was included in The Wire magazines The 100 Greatest Records Released While You Weren't Listening. The CD is worth buying for the booklet alone, which is hilarious. They weren't a group but a loose collection of amateurs forced to listen to Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music along with proper improvisers such as Lol Coxhill and David Toop, oh and two of the amateur's mums.
12. & 13. More from DJ Spooky's exploration/remixing of the Sub Rosa archives.
14. U Roy - an exponent of the ganja smoke LP cover and Rhythmland has the cheekiest organ breaks ever, some of which seem to be barely disguising very rude things .
15. Desmond Leslie, spitfire pilot, film maker, believer in alien settlement of Earth, composer of musique concrete, etc. Should you need to go to some late night store to, say, buy printer cartridges, playing his CD Music Of The Future can easily disperse groups of undesirable youths who may be lurking.
16.Dreamboat's CD was one of my faves from 2012. Light sketches with deft skill and considerable weight.
20. Sun City Girls's Funeral Mariachi was my favorite record of 2011 although an other critic described it as "music to drink Draino (sp?) to."
21. I have an orange buddha machine and they are handy little devices. You can put them in your pocket at boring holiday meals and watch people think they can hear something. You don't get to choose your color, though. Get one.
23. "Sunbeam" is possibly the quietest A Place To Bury Strangers track ever. From the double compilation Peace (For Mom) which was put together by Jon Whitney of fame after his mother passed away.
24. I hadn't thought of the song "Terry Keeps His Clips On" for years. Oddly enough it popped into my head to complete this podcast. A few minutes later doing so I learned that it was the day that Vivian Stanshall would have been 70 years old. RIP Ginger Geezer - one of the greatest and most bizarre English artists who will ever live.
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