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Desert Island DJs:
“Episode 21 - Alacrity Variations”
mix by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Fri, 09 Nov 2012
Track list:

Klaus Nomi - keys of life
Laurie Anderson - let x=x
Ceza - rapstar
Arif Sag - su samsumun evleri
Raphael - balada de la trompeta
Horace Andy - spyglass
de Kift - brood
Lowlife - do we party?
Cindytalk - touched
Raymond Scott - the happy whistler (16 rpm excerpt)
Hawkwind - opa-loka
Killing Joke - we have joy
Hollies - stop right there
Bjorn & Benny - lilla du, lilla van
Pearls Before Swine - the surrealist waltz
Bee Gees - sweet song of summer
XTC -somnambulist / coil - ANS (1)

there is no grand scheme or theme to this mix, just a good old-fashioned mix-tape style mishmash of random stuff from the collection. after finishing it we realized that some of these tunes are not the 'typical' sound for a number of these bands… there's your unification if you need one.

-we adore Klaus even in his cheesiest moments, though 'Keys of Life' is one of his best in our opinion.
-Laurie….. what else can you say?
-Ceza, modern, mind-blowingly fast rap from turkey; the best cut of his we've heard thus far
-Arif Sag, bad ass old-school Turkish psych guitar shredding!!!
- Raphael, like a spanish Scott Walker perhaps?
- Horace Andy, such a great & unique voice, we want him to record our answering machine messages
- de Kift, probably the most under-rated band from Holland you'll never hear of.
- lowlife, one of those tracks we never get sick of over the decades
-cindytalk, shame Gordon Sharp gets lumped into the "goth" camp sometimes….. but i guess that's to be expected when you work with This Mortal Coil and spend decades wearing women's clothing. but really, 'In this world' are great records that are aging quite well.
- the great Raymond Scott. we like to slow records down to 16 and see what happens- this is one of our favorites from the 'Soothing sounds for babies' series. the entire piece lasts about a 1/2 hour at that speed so the edit was necessary yet long enough for you to get the picture.
- hawkwind, "opa-loka" was the closest they came to Krautrock….. i like that we found our copy of 'Warrior on the edge of time' years and years ago at the red white & blue thrift on the west bank for $1…. you find stuff in the strangest places.
- killing joke, love 'em. from "Revelations" produced by the great Conny Plank
- Hollies. when they hit it, they hit it. when they missed it was terrible. this track is from "Evolution", which is one of the few albums of theirs that is fairly solid beginning to end.
- Bjorn & Benny, ABBA before they were ABBA…. like Swedish Simon & Garfunkel before they discovered disco. from the "Lycka" album from '70
-pearls before swine… classic track
-bee gees, one of the stranger tracks of pre-disco BG's, from the "To whom it may concern" album, which is also pretty solid start to finish
-xtc, this was an unreleased tune from the "Black Sea" album, why it didn't make the cut we can't fathom. perhaps it's too sedate? we mixed in a spot of COIL's ANS 1 at the end for our amusement
enjoy! A. & S.
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