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Desert Island DJs:
“Episode 18: Doppelgängers”
mix by DJ Potpie
Fri, 21 Sep 2012
Our hops man in Asheville, former NOLA sonic shaman, and prolific BPR solo artist Potpie shares some of his favorite covers:

Rocks Off by Pussy Galore- back in the pre Blues Explosion days John Spencer et al covered the entire Exile On Main Street in what sounds like one drunken afternoon. If you look in the dictionary under "hot mess" there should be a picture of this cassette.
Dear Prudence by Starfuckers- this Italian band later changed their name to Sinistri and put out many cds of ultra minimal off tempo jazz but this cover is my favorite.
Vampire Blues by Wooden Shjips- a classic Neil Young song by the space rock masters.
Foggy Nation by Modern Lovers- what's not to like?
Black Angel's Death Song by Beck- I'm not a huge fan of Beck but this interpretation of the Velvets is really great..
96 Tears by Suicide- another hot mess
One After 909 by Laibach- heavy eastern european industrial from the 90s
Satisfaction by Devo- it's fucking Devo what else do I need to say..
Satisfaction (I can't get no) by Cat Power- the same but...different
Break On Through by Marc Ribot's Rootless Cosmopolitans- the Doors suck but Marc Ribot redeems!
T.N.K. (Tommorrow Never Knows) by 801- Eno!!!!!!!
Walrus by Boris with Merzbow- yeah, I love hearing Japanese bands trying to sing in English..noisest Beatle cover ever?
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