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Desert Island DJs:
“Episode 17 - You Can Never Go Back”
mix by DJ Snarkaluffagus
Thu, 23 Aug 2012
Every desert island story or survivor season has the part where someone new drops in on the island. Our new Desert Island DJ is Snarkaluffagus — our first female selector, who brings a poppier college-rock sensibility to our marooned tune junkies. Just in time for her birthday, she takes a look back at childhood lost.

1 Young Americans 5:13 David Bowie
2 Kids 5:03 MGMT
3 Kids In America 3:28 Kim Wilde
4 Wake Up 5:35 Arcade Fire
5 Kite 3:06 Nick Heyward
6 My Girls 5:41 Animal Collective
7 The Zookeeper's Boy 4:43 Mew
8 When I Grow Up (Version by LIssvik) 4:28 Fever Ray
9 Two Weeks 4:05 Grizzly Bear Braswell Mix
10 Nothing To Worry About 2:58 Peter Bjorn & John
11 Bastards Of Young 3:38 The Replacements
12 Children Of The Revolution 3:50 T. Rex
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