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Desert Island DJs:
“Episode 10 - Late and Incomplete”
mix by Chris Crowley
Thu, 10 May 2012
The third in a trio of former WTUL DJs who have been cajoled into our loosely competitive podcast series, Chris Crowley slipped this mix under the door at the closing bell, winning the Ultimate Procrastination Trophy. Ergo, this mix has not been proofed for your protection, nor can I write anything witty about it, but chances are if you liked Crowley's radio show, you will dig this as well.

The Black Keys/Attack & Release/04 Psychotic Girl
Calexico/07 - Franks Tavern
Yo la Tengo/The Sounds of The Sounds of Science/lovelife
Jai Alai/Jai Alai/3 - Track 3
Laddio Bolocko/As If In Real Time/05 - a passing state of well-being
LCD Soundsystem/45:33/3 - 45:33
Miles Davis/On the Corner/2 - Black Satin
The Mountain Goats/Protein Source of the Future
Balthrop/Alabama/06 - Track 6
Os Mutantes/03 - Teclar
Quintron and Miss PussyCat/loveislikeablob
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