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Desert Island DJs:
“Episode 7 - Not Your Cup Of Tea part 1: Allergic to Echo”
mix by Duncan Edwards
Thu, 19 Apr 2012
Former WTUL DJ Duncan Edwards (you know, that one with the British accent) has, after much needling and suffering, been finally coaxed to learn enough technology to put together a DJ set. The first of his sure-to-be-many podcast mixes is entitled "Allergic to Echo". If you listen carefully you can hear the Texas bathroom tile. Be sure to check the notes!

1. Xaviera Hollander - My attitude to sex
2.Twenty Knives - Royal Inc.
3.The Misunderstood - Children of The Sun
4.Blank Dogs - Tin Birds
5.Mike Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers - Chocolate Vienna
6.The Caretaker - All You're Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There
7.Kathy McCord - I Will Never Be Alone Again
8.Incredible String Band - Gently Tender
9.James Joyce/Eric Satie - Eolian Episode/Gnossiene (DJ Spooky Dub Version)
10.Stian Westerhus - Trailer Trash Ballad
11.Sandro Perri - Futureactive Kid (Pt.1)
12. Raymond Scott - Futurama (Interstial)
13.Salim Nourallah - Travolta
14.Appliance - Throwing a Curve Ball (Peel Session)
15.39 Clocks - Aspertando Godo
16.Dalek - A Collection of Miserable Thoughts Laced With Wit
17.John Henry & Blossom - My Wireless Set (Excerpt)
18.Edward Ka-Spel - Doughnut
19.Mikes Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers - Timex
20.Scanner - Anna Livia Plurabelle
21.Opium Warlords - Meet Me At The Iron Place
22.Joseph Taylor - Sprig O'Time
23.Savage Republic - Ivory Coast (7")
24.Jakob Olausson - Riding On The Wind
25.Frog Eyes - Lear, In The Park
26.Ken Nordine with Bill Frisell & Wayne Horowitz/Ringo Starr - Pinnochio Medley (Do You See The Noses Growing? Desolation Theme/When You Wish Upon A Star)
27.Twenty Knives - Landing Sequence.


Xaviera Hollander wrote "The Happy Hooker". This spoken piece is from the Various Artists compilation Music For Mentalists. She was deported from the USA. I may have pronounced her name wrong.
The Royal We by Twenty Knives was my favorite album of 2011.
The Misunderstood. John Peel saw them live in the US in the 1960s and enticed them to the UK to record but it all went wrong due to espionage and immigration problems (to say the least).
Mike Sammes (& Singers). A couple of tracks here from Music For Biscuits. They also have done an extraordinary album of "hip" hymns.
The Caretaker. As in The Shining. Check out his exploits and those of Leyland james Kirby and V/VM.
Kathy McCord. This track was written by Chip Taylor who also wrote "Wild Thing". From the Women Blue compilation.
Incredible String Band.Recently had several remastered CDs reissued. Various members still going strong, in fact Robin Williamson is playing the Acoustic Festival of Great Britain this summer (at Uttoxeter, Staffordshire). One of the women became Lady Mayoress of a remote UK town while the other, Licourice, disappeared into California and has only surfaced with a mention in Elmore Leonard's book Freaky Deaky.
DJ Spooky. His remixes of Joyce/Satie and also Raymond Scott are from his album Sound Unbound.
Stian Westerhus. One of the shorter pieces from his latest album of guitar experimentation.
Sandro Perri. His Tiny Mirrors album was one of the best of a couple of years back. His latest Impossible Shapes sees him almost becoming Arthur Russell when he's not becoming Boz Scaggs.
Salim Nourallah is also a sought after producer around our way. Hit Parade is his newest.
Appliance. Their album Manual is one of the last great proper length vinyl albums.
39 Clocks have the distinction of having William Burroughs once demand that they stop playing.
John Henry & Blossom. From Victrola Favorites on the incredible Dust to Digital label.
Edward Ka-Spel is from Legendary Pink Dots.
Scanner - This track is quite quiet and reasonably long but it's worth it. The piece shares a title with James Joyce.
Opium Warlords - a live recording (supposedly).
"Sprig O'Time" - The EMI vaults in London have been exhumed and much fine and quirky music is being released on Honest Jon's records.
Jakob Olausson's previous record Moonlight Farm was Ben Chasny's fave and one of mine.
Frog Eyes. Why was Paul's Tomb completely ignored?
Ken Nordine. They say the voice is the last thing to go.
* Apologies for the echo on the airbreaks. I was huddled in a Texas bathroom whispering with allergies.
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