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“Episode 3: The Old Road Hog's Mixtape #1”
mix by The Old Road Hog
Fri, 23 Mar 2012
The Old Road Hog (aka David Rhoden) with a mix of garage and soul.

0:00 - Nappy Brown, "Coal Miner"
Love the FLUTE (very underestimated rock instrument) and the sax by New Orleans' Sax Kari. Also, what is that bell sound? I'm thinking a metal chair leg.
2:10 - The Jim Jones Revue, "Princess and The Frog"
This should be the kind of music that is EASIEST to find but it's rare as hell to hear anybody rock out like this. Jim Jones was in Thee Hypnotics ever so long ago. (And, yes, it is that far into the red.)
6:44 - Ray Gant and the Arabian Knights, "Chattanooga Walk"
The places and people named in this are real (says this native Chattanoogan). Dave The Rave was a DJ on "WNOO -- the black spot on your radio".
9:23 - The Wildweeds, "No Good To Cry"
Early work by Al Anderson who went on to be the guitarist of NRBQ forever. This song was covered by The Hour Glass (early incarnation of the Allman Brothers, who are great, no matter what you say).
12:04 - Black Joe Lewis, "Cousin Randy"
Cousin Randy is crazy as demonstrated by his choice of fishing times. This is from Austin, Texas, 2010 or so. 
15:50 - R. Kelly, "Real Talk"
Robert Kelly is a musical chameleon and a lyrical genius. He's also funny as hell. Watch the video for "The Same Girl" (or "Trapped In The Closet"),  and see.
18:50 - Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, "Harry Irene"
Best Kinks song Captain Beefheart ever wrote. Very melodic song on an a-melodic base, and just a great mood elevator.
22:22 - James Brown with the Louie Bellson Big Band, "Your Cheatin' Heart"
Mighty funky Hank Williams cover, with drums and bass pushing it along while the guitarist joins the horn section. Louie Bellson was the drummer, big old Italian guy, married to Pearl Bailey; he invented the double kick drum.
25:24 - Sonny Boy Williamson, "Help Me"
Great moody Chess blues. Sonny may be famous for his harmonica, but I'm pretty sure he's not playing it here, the singing is beyond fantastic though. What a voice! And of course, if you didn't notice, the song is "Green Onions." (Stax version, 1952, Chess version 1963.)
28:48 - PSA, "If Caught In The Open"
29:21 - Supergrass, "Caught By The Fuzz"
The acoustic version. Didn't they do a nice job recording this? I just like it a lot.
32:19 - Cowboy Copas, "Circle Rock"
Just some manic square dance music, since you probably don't have any. Died in a plane crash that also killed Patsy Cline.
34:32 - New Birth, "Dream Merchant"
I used to listen to an AM station that played this a lot. Then it was gone for a while, then I found another AM station that played it a lot. You cannot beat that "hey, hey" chorus. Jerry Butler covered it well, but this is the one you want. Vocal magic; the band sounds like alcohol feels.
38:51 - Rick James, "Below the Funk (Pass The J)"
In case you forgot he was a musical genius, here's a fantastic jam that Michael Jackson clearly envied, only it's here with a crazy good lyric (like all of Rick James lyrics, it's fantastic), and Rick is tearing it up like only he can really do. Listen for the big slurp, what the hell, Rick? This album is great, start to finish, and "Super Freak" isn't even the best song on it.
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