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(The Quiet Failings of) Geisterfahrer
Geisterfahrer is the mysterious name of a brilliant unsung New Orleans ambient/drone duo consisting of the very talented b. aubrey and shae freeman... and to our great pleasure, the latest addition to the Backporch Revolution collective.

Their new release is called "The Quiet Failings Of..." and it's a swampy, night-time sleeper whose melodies will grow on you like kudzu and cling like a mosquito.

There are lots of exotic and home-made instruments on this album in addition to field recordings and ambient sounds -- but there's no computers used at all, something which they feel lends to a more organic sounding record.

Recommended if you like: Harmonia, Seefeel, Dead Can Dance, Popul Vuh, S.D. Batish, Windy & Carl....

You may already be familiar with b. aubrey from his work on bass in other New Orleans acts such as Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? or Hooray for the Riff Raff. He and shae also run the Citizen Objects collective and have other colorful and labyrinthine side projects such as Sketches of an Amorous Widow and the Devil's Shadowless Hand.

We've got a few copies available of the limited CD, and as usual you can download many of the songs from the site or stream the entire record by clicking here.

2008-11-14 15:49:28