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drone on, potpie
our sometime would-be guru, self-appointed king of drone, ambiguously noise-hating, priest-loving pal, sir michael of the karnows, known to brewers as elvis, to drinkers as pizzle, and to local music goers as potpie, or more commonly "that guy who plays that one note song for 30 minutes and drives the whole crowd outside" has decided that there weren't enough hippies for his tastes here in new orleans and has decided with his companion (and our friend) gabe to move on up to asheville.

happy trails to mike and gabe, and here's to a successful move to the home of moog music, mountain air and moonshine.

potpie's new release (and the final recording of his long tenure in new orleans) potpie plays the classics should be available very soon. keep checking here for more details.

in the meantime, we've made the entire album field saturation vol. 1 (long out of print, and one of his best) available as a free download. enjoy!

2008-02-12 11:38:08