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Antigravity reviews The Answer’s In Forgetting
[excerpt] Since Chef Menteur was last seen playing live as a loud trio, it’s no surprise that new, hard-hitting drummer Dan Haugh has brought a more solid, cohesive, and cymbal-oriented noise wash to the album.... Forgetting sounds cleaner, more streamlined and grounded than the previous album... The songs act as journeys and escapes, and I suggest turning out the lights for full effect. We already knew Chef Menteur was gutsy, and with Forgetting we now know they have the patience to refine, refine and refine their ideas, with the result being that the band should get more national recognition and, hopefully, a little more local respect. Chef Menteur’s not just playing around with knobs—they’re coming into their art and doing things no one else has. [Four-star rating!] --JASON SONGE

2007-12-08 14:20:42