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Nouveau Chef Menteur on Nov 27
Here's some happening news for you hippies. "Space rock combo" Chef Menteur has a new album coming out. It's called THE ANSWER'S IN FORGETTING and we're psyched (like psychedelic, man) to release it on the popular compact disc format on November 27th, commemorating the anniversary of Gerald Ford's stumbling into the role of vice president in 1973. This way-out, nine-song collection of music was written with the intention of being listened to, a concept we are in the process of having patented, so don't steal that idea, narc. Oh... This'll really flip your wig: Miranda Lake (the artist, not the lake) did the artwork, and it's way ace. So yeah, if you dig groovy albums with hip artwork, and you also dig run-on sentences with outmoded adjectives, then you're gonna totally dig the free MP3 download that we'll be offering in a week or so, man. It'll make you see things - things worth sharing.

2007-11-02 12:15:20