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New Orleans: March on City Hall
The killing in New Orleans is out of control; last week it surpassed Iraq.

Thursday, the leader of local band The Troublemakers' leader and doctor Paul Gailiundas and his wife filmmaker Helen Hill were shot; Helen died on the scene. Paul was shot three times but is expected to recover. See yesterday's Times-Picayune front page story and today's front page story.



With so many feeling helpless in the face of the latest tragic shootings, Marigny and Bywater residents are planning a march to City Hall to demand action.

The march is scheduled for Thursday, January 11 which will be the one week anniversary of Helen Hill's murder and the two week anniversary of the murder of Dinerral Shavers, a teacher & the drummer from the Hot 8 Band.

Meet at the Foot of Canal near Aquarium, 11.00am.

2007-01-06 13:52:09