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PROUD TO SWIM HOME: Backporch Revolution Compilation Announcement
We've been holding back, but since the very same day (the same day the levees broke, days after that Hurricane) that Dan coined the phrase "Proud to Swim Home" for the (almost insanely) popular bumperstickers we've been selling for charity at, we also decided to release a compilation on the label with the same name.

Since then, we've been busy rebuilding our lives in the city but we've also been collecting new tracks from various artists on the roster. We'd hoped to have this out earlier, but you know how it goes. With the WTUL compilation songs, trying to get missing and flooded equipment replaced and repaired, finding a new place to practice, resetting up all the equipment, well the list of excuses goes on and on. But at least we had the foresight not to announce it until it was ready, right? Well, ready except for mastering, which it turns out will now have to wait till after Jazz Fest because you know how all the external musical resources in this city get sucked up by the Fest. Anyway, look for the compilation soon.

Artists to be featured: Chef Menteur, potpie, Murmur, Archipelago, the Bastard Sons of Morton Subotnick, the Buttons, Time Promises Power, Uptown Cajun All-stars, Bryan Killingsworth, Liteworks (Mike Mayfield's solo project), King Ghidorah, and a couple more surprises including a totally heavy radical remix by DJ pinkySqueak. As before, all profits will be going to charities best representing rebuilding/rehabilitating the hurricane-hit needy humans and animals of New Orleans.

2006-04-27 13:14:45