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WTUL Compilation to Feature Three BpR Artists...

Our favorite New Orleans radio station (by far) is WTUL. This year the challenges facing the nonprofit station are immense; in addition to the usual annual fundraising needs, 'TUL has been forced to temporarily operate out of a local coffee shop due to Hurricane Katrina (that bitch).

Backporch Revolution has 3 artists who will be appearing on the 2 CD compilation (which will also feature many well-known national underground acts):

  • Chef Menteur's brand new collaboration with Alexandra Scott, "Oceanic no. 23",

  • the debut release from BpR cult/ensemble Archipelago called "the earth moves five ways",

  • a hidden track from a mystery BpR artist

Look for it soon and support WTUL during its annual Marathon!

2006-01-25 15:12:02