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That's WELCOME for you Freedom Friers as in "Bienvenue la Louisiane," which is the sign you see driving on the highway crossing the borders into this boot-shaped state that hangs like a limp bizkit into the Gulf of Mexicorn and roughly translates to "You just got sucked into the state ranking #49 of 50 on just about every poll (thank god for Mississippi!)."

As I was saying, welcome commies, bootlicking freaks, freeloaders and godwhoring mush-for-brains alike. We hope, with our music, to meld you into the collective mind with hypnotic invisible melodies and androgynous drones. To synthesize your throughts so you won't have to.

Download as many free mp3s as you can and spread the love. Music is the stuff of dreams, as they say, so dream on, music lover. Dream on. And be one with the hive.

2005-08-01 00:00:00