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15 Sep 2020
3-disc set of rare Chef Menteur available on Sunrise Ocean Bender
Sunrise Ocean Bender has released a 3-album Chef Menteur set on 3 CDs, called "III."

Beautiful packaging, some very rare tracks, new remastering (for "Force Majeure", previously available only on cassette), and a whole album's worth of music ("North of Tomorrow & South of Yesterday") that was never publicly released at all. Also available as a digital download.

Get III here.

19 Apr 2015
Chef Menteur's new album "Force Majeure" released
"Force Majeure" is the brand-new album from Chef Menteur, and it’s the follow-up to the epic double LP "East of the Sun & West of the Moon."

Force Majeure was recorded live to analog tape in one day and mixed in another at the Living Room recording studio, an amazing space across the river in scenic Algiers.

The first edition of this album (released on Waypoint Tapes) is on cassette only for now, and can be bought from Aquarius Records in San Francisco and a few shops in NOLA.

11 Jul 2014
Podcast #33: POP de la FEMME
"Female singers, pop songs…..GO! Being that these were the only two criteria for our mix it could've ended up being three days long, and almost was…. but you have to stop somewhere. We hope you enjoy." - Aubrey & Shae

26 Jan 2014
Farewell Sophie.
Our beloved and wise mascot Sophie passed away yesterday. Pic from this past May, around the time of her 20th birthday. She and BPR were both born in 1993 in Chapel Hill, and moved to New Orleans in 1997.

13 Dec 2013
The Gubernatorial Candidates: Triggerman 2013
"What happens when a profound misunderstanding of African pop meets a profound misunderstanding of DJ Jimi. Originally released 2010; remastered 2013."

22 Nov 2013
Myth & Measure: Pastoral Brutalism EP
The debut EP from Myth & Measure features four tracks that incorporate electronic, drone, sludge and ambient approaches. The Pastoral Brutalism EP will appeal to fans of Earth, Coil and King Ghidorah.

22 Nov 2013
Desert Island Podcast #32: Trey Smith's Sixth
Trey Smith extends his lead with his 6th contribution to the Desert Island DJ series: "The Rise & Fall of Debbie Downer & The Rainy Saturdays". Tracks from Matmos, Bill Frisell, Bedhead and Robert Wilkins.

10 Nov 2013
Podcast #31: Musique du Maison
Rediscovering his love for house music beginning in the mid-90's, Doctor Gumbo pulls together a mix of some of today's top DJs and producers in the genre, including TrenteMøller, Boozoo Bajou, Solomun, Julian Sanza, the U.K's Andy Cato, and many more...

06 Jul 2013
Podcast #30: Radio Heidelberg
.CitiZen.oBjeCts. captures a moment in radio time in Heidelberg by randomly recording sounds off Deustches Radio one rainy night in February 2000. A time capsule of sound.

10 May 2013
BPR Bandcamp page debuts with Murmur
We now have a Bandcamp page for Backporch Revolution Records. First up is the epic acoustic drone album recorded live inside a beer tank: Fermata: the Dixie Brewery Fermentation Tank Album".

10 May 2013
Podcast#29 - "Smart but casual" by Trey Smith
Trey Smith returns with his fifth installment, this time as iconoclast: "very little of this is music you would normally hear on the podcast in general". More eclectic than our usual offerings? You be the judge...

20 Apr 2013
Podcast #28: "Air bubbles on an inner tube."
The latest in a series of "unbearably popular" (his words, not ours) podcasts from the humble and discriminating mind of Duncan Edwards. Try to listen to this and not have "Terry Keeps His Clips On" running through your head for the next 7 hours.

29 Mar 2013
Podcast #27: New. Mexico. by Doctor Gumbo
Doctor Gumbo's latest mix pulls together a collection of psychedelic cumbias, Norteña techno and dirty barrio beats from and inspired by Mexico.

05 Mar 2013
Podcast #26 - Cover Me! by .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
a mix of popular artists covering other popular artists narrowed down by choosing what we considered to be "successful" cover versions in either their loyal rendering of the original or their creative divergence -- Aubrey & Shae

16 Feb 2013
Podcast #25: Trey Smith's In The Style of IndigoM
A tribute mix to a fallen friend... including some classic IDM, downtempo and postrock tracks from DJ Trey Smith. More details on the page.

11 Jan 2013
Podcast #24 - Duncan Edwards - Myrrh
Round 3 dragged its sorry ass in late, with Duncan's technically beleaguered submission miraculously squeaking in under the door as 2012 came to a close. Another eclectic and eccentric mix from our Englishman in Dallas.

31 Dec 2012
Podcast #23 - Pinkysqueak - Makeout Songs
"Take off both of your socks and snuggle-up with your guy, gal, or whatever, and allow the magic to commence; conquer each other and your souls. Immerse yourselves in this moisty, moisty mix of maladroitious and satan-saluting onslaught of super-sexiness."

07 Dec 2012
Podcast #22 - Autumnal Enossification
Andrew Dalio returns with a mix that pays tribute to some of Brian Eno's rarer tracks that remind him of the season (autumn).

23 Nov 2012
Podcast #21 - Alacrity Variations
A good old-fashioned mix-tape style mishmash of random stuff from the .CitiZen.oBjeCts. collection... not the 'typical' sound for a number of these bands… there's your unification if you need one.

09 Nov 2012
Podcast #20: The Old Road Hog Mixtape #2
The Old Road Hog rolls into town all gassed up with a trunkload of killer R&B and soul tunes mixed in with some other classic underheard gems. Don't ever stop grooving. Don't ever stop moving.

26 Oct 2012
Chef Menteur & Whom Do You Work For: Sat @ Circle Bar
It's been a few months since Chef Menteur's last show, so come see them play the Circle Bar on Saturday. Opening is Whom Do You Work For?, who were recently featured as a new act to watch by the Gambit, and have just released a new EP.

05 Oct 2012
Podcast #19 - I Saw the Light Come Shinin' 'Round & 'Round
DJ Trey Smith's third installation in the series twists like a psychedelic ribbon of dub and space music with some even stranger bits in between.

05 Oct 2012
Geisterfahrer - IdylHouse EP
Geisterfahrer recorded IdylHouse EP: The Hurricane Demos on 29 August 2012 after Hurricane Isaac crawled into New Orleans, knocking out electricity for most of the city. This collection of new songs was written and recorded during and after the storm over five days while the power was out, utilizing battery-operated equipment.

22 Sep 2012
Podcast 18 - Potpie's doppelgängers
Our hops man in Asheville, former NOLA sonic shaman, and prolific BPR solo artist Potpie shares some of his favorite weird covers.

21 Sep 2012
Podcast 17 - You Can Never Go Back
Every desert island story or survivor season has the part where someone new drops in on the island. Our new Desert Island DJ is Snarkaluffagus— our first female selector—who brings a poppier college-rock sensibility to our marooned tune junkies. Just in time for her birthday, she takes a look back at childhood lost.

23 Aug 2012
Podcast 16 - The Swamp
Doctor Gumbo returns in round two with a slammin' mix of international beats, as perfect as a Pimm's Cup for reviving yourself in the humid August summer. Savor the overtones of dub, electronic, and funk.

10 Aug 2012
Podcast #15 - Keys to the Clouds
Perhaps a cousin of the first episode, these mellow tracks mixed by aleatoric all feature some killer keyboard playing, whether Farfisa organ, Rhodes electric piano or Roland Juno synthesizer, to sail through long and humid summer days with.

28 Jul 2012
Bienville by B. Killingsworth
B. Killingsworth's latest work was "Electricity Poems", which remains one of the more popular downloads on BPR. He continues his modular synth work on his latest work,
"Bienville," one long piece that's essential listening for minimalist, drone, and synth heads. Free download.

20 Jul 2012
Podcast # 14 - In C - {version}
Andrew Dalio with a mix of 5 versions of Terry Riley's In C. Some playing at the same time. And stuff. It starts with the Shanghai Film Orchestra. Then it gets mixed up a bit...

13 Jul 2012
Podcast #13 - something about donkeys?
Duncan Edwards returns for his second episode of the BPR Desert Island podcast. The second in the illustrious and somewhat contentious series, "Not Your Cup of Tea."

29 Jun 2012
Podcast #12 -The Shoegaze Era
Here's the second podcast from citizen objects, continuing the 90's ambience theme with a trip into some classic shoegaze.

15 Jun 2012
Chef Menteur LP now at Aquarius
Aquarius Records now has the new Chef Menteur LP. Just search for band "Chef Menteur" on their site. They also wrote a up a great review of the sprawling psych double album, saying it's "WAY recommended, pretty much essential listening for all you psychedelic space phreaks out there."

12 Jun 2012
Podcast #11: Rhodes Makes the World Go 'Round
Round two of the Desert Island DJ series begins with Trey Smith's second mix, an eclectic exploration into the world of the electric piano, namely the Rhodes.

01 Jun 2012
Podcast #10: Late and Incomplete
The third in a trio of former WTUL DJs who have been cajoled into our loosely competitive podcast series, Chris Crowley slipped this Late and Incomplete mix under the door at the closing bell, winning the Ultimate Procrastination Trophy.

10 May 2012
Podcast #9: Illusions of India
Since the Beatles went to India, the West has been fascinated with the music of the Subcontinent. First in a series that of mixes from aleatoric (Alec Vance) that demonstrate the East's influence on the West (and vice-versa), it's called East of the West and West of the East --part one: Illusions of India.

04 May 2012
Podcast #8 - From 83 to Infinity
Another former WTUL DJ, but this one prefers to remain a bit more anonymous, however. Platinum Concepts digs through his 1980's stacks to bring you 83 to Infinity.

26 Apr 2012
Podcast #7: Allergic To Echo (Not Your Cup of Tea #1)
Former WTUL DJ Duncan Edwards (you know, that one with the British accent) has, after much needling and suffering, been finally coaxed to put together a DJ set. The first of his sure-to-be-many podcast mixes is entitled "Allergic to Echo".

20 Apr 2012
Podcast #6: Discrete Mix
Episode 6. The Discrete Mix from Andrew Dalio features tracks from Popul Vuh, Yes, and Brians Wilson and Eno.

13 Apr 2012
Podcast #5: 90's Ambiance – pt. I, the drift chapter
.CitiZen.oBjeCts. is B. Aubrey Freeman, long-standing double bass player for Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? and one-half of BPR projects Geisterfahrer and Sketches of an Amorous Window. Here's his alternatingly blissed-out, heavy, and ethereal drone set.

05 Apr 2012
New Chef Menteur Double LP Released
Several years in the making, Chef Menteur has released the epic tone-poem known as East of the Sun & West of the Moon, their most complete and ambitious work yet, with nods to kosmiche, neo-psychedelia, 60's British folk and prog as well as the ambient/space foundation they've always built on. The vinyl packaging has to be seen to be believed. Each gatefold jacket is hand-printed and numbered by artist Thomas Peri. Super-collectible limited edition of 200. Also available as a digital download (comes included with vinyl).

02 Apr 2012
Podcast #4: Pinkysqueak
Pinkysqueak (Dan Haugh) throws his hat in the ring with a mix to draw the curtains on the other side of your mind. Or something... 60s psych and pop battles with tracks from This Heat and Red Transistor.

29 Mar 2012
Podcast #3 A mixtape by The Old Road Hog
The Old Road Hog likes to boogie and here he is with a killer mixtape of garage and soul including some juicy rarities and some surprising outliers.

23 Mar 2012
Podcast Episode 2 by Doctor Gumbo
Episode 2 of our new Desert Island DJ podcast is brought to you by the veteran Doctor Gumbo with this chilled downtempo mix featuring Mazzy Star, Brian Eno, and Air.

15 Mar 2012
New BPR Podcast: Desert Island DJs
We've got a slew of new disc jockeys for our 2012 podcast series "Desert Island DJs" -- Episode #1 "Deep Tunnels of Bliss and Blur" is now up courtesy of DJ Trey Smith.

08 Mar 2012
Chef Menteur 2xLP Release Party at Siberia 3/31
The official release party for Chef Menteur's new double LP will be March 31 at Siberia. You can buy the album at the show; any remaining copies (if any) of the album will be available for sale after that. Also playing will be the Lonely Lonely Knights, Microshards, and BPR compatriots Geisterfahrer.

15 Feb 2012
Special Preorders for new Chef Menteur vinyl -- 20 slots!
Reserve your copy of the new Chef Menteur 2xLP, East of the Sun & West of the Moon, which should ship in March. We are making only 20 copies available for preorder. Order on the site!

05 Jan 2012
Mermaid Lounge Reunion Nov 18-19
Don't miss this! Chef Menteur will be playing this 16-band, 2-club, 2-day event curated by Anthony DelRosario of Turducken—come and pass a good time with us!

Facebook event page for more info.

06 Nov 2011
Chef Menteur at Eiffel Society w/the Beams

Chef Menteur will be playing a set in front of BLADERUNNER. The Beams open. It's free, and an early show 8pm-11pm.

More info

08 Jul 2011
The New Chef Menteur Album, With Your Help

East of the Sun and West of the Moon is the name of the new Chef Menteur album, due out on double LP ... that is: as long as they meet their goal in 90 days.

Read about their Kickstarter project and how you can help make it happen!

03 May 2011
Pontiak added to Psych Rock Show @ Siberia
We just found out this week that Pontiak has been added to the White Hills / Cloudland Canyon / Chef Menteur show on April 28. Also, here's a flyer. See Shows for more info about all the bands and venue location.

16 Apr 2011
Dr Gumbo: Balkan Dance Party
If there's not enough Romanian brass band jams or Ukrainian & Polish hip-hop in your life, check out Dr Gumbo's latest mix of Balkan beats.

06 Apr 2011
Geisterfahrer: Stained Lunar
With their new release Stained Lunar, Geisterfahrer continues its journey into darker territory. Another beautiful and haunting release.

24 Mar 2011
Chef Menteur show: Apr 28 with Cloudland Canyon and White Hills
It's been 2 years since New Orleans' long-running ambient/experimental project has played live. Opening for Kranky/Holy Mountain recording artists Cloudland Canyon and Thrill Jockey act White Hills -- two great psych rock bands. See SHOWS, above, or the Facebook event page.

15 Mar 2011
Polymos debuts digital album
Bright Birds Feed Right is the debut release of Dan Haugh and Andrew Dalio. Dan plays banjo, and Andrew plays bass. The two-piece almost always practices and performs acoustically, about as stripped down as it gets, but decided, mostly for fun, to record full-on electric, including synthesizers, drums, and other stuff... Their self-procalimed influences only include "heavy metal" and Popol Vuh.

21 Feb 2011
Two new Archipelago albums: free download
We just put up two new digital releases from the New Orleans ambient/drone cryptoethnic collective Archipelago.

The first, entitled The Earth Moves Five Ways dates back from a recording made of a long improvised session in 2004 in an empty house in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans.

The second, called Two Fires is of more recent recordings made around the time of the band's performance last year at the Allways Lounge in the Bywater neighborhood.

Both are available as a free digitial download.

20 Jan 2011
Polymos concert/party
Andrew Dalio and Dan Haugh debut as Polymos on 18 August. More information on the shows page.

17 Aug 2010
Radio BPR app 2.1 update
Our free iPhone app has been updated to 2.1 and features much improved streaming reliability. Read more on the App Store.

12 Aug 2010
59 recent drone works from Bryan Killingsworth
Our good friend Bryan Killingsworh has released fifty-nine (59) short modular synth drones which can be found on

Pictures and links to the other recordings can be found on Bryan's blog.

28 Jul 2010
Radio/Media promos
Attention college radio station managers and indie media reviewers: please send us your *official* email and snail mail address if you would like to be added to our list of outlets receiving digital promos. (Please do not send us hotmail, gmail, etc email addresses.) The contact link is at the bottom of the ABOUT page.

27 Jul 2010
new release: Geisterfahrer's Telegraph
Telegraph CD coverThe latest album from Geisterfahrer, Telegraph, is here and it could be their most beautiful recording to date.

Buy it at iTunes

Listen to full tracks and buy the CD on the BPR page.

22 Jul 2010
Drone Lovers Unite Over World Cup Ambience
Been watching the World Cup? Can't get enough of the droney horns in the crowd? Alec from Chef Menteur (etc) made a vuvezela-heavy remix of the USA-England World Cup game: Vuvuzela! (USA Wins 1-1 vs England)

16 Jun 2010
Potpie's Beer Art in Asheville
Check out this review of Mike Karnowski (aka potpie)'s "Fermata": art made from brewing filter pads. (The name Fermata was also used for the Murmur disc recorded in a brewing tank.)

05 Jun 2010
Oil Slick on the Bayou
Our pal Charlie wrote this cajun honky-tonk song about the BP Oil Disaster in the gulf; we downed a lot of booze & recorded the backing track for him. Thanks to Trixie for the flddle and video production.

YouTube | Facebook fan page

04 Jun 2010
Radio BPR iPhone app is here
Now you can listen to tracks from BPR artists (selected by our robot DJ) from anywhere in the world (as long as you've got your iPhone and a decent network connection). Our brand-new iPhone app is available today for a free download. Radio BPR on the App Store.

20 Apr 2010
King Ghidorah at Noizefest
The deafening 3-headed doom dragon of noise/drone, King Ghidorah will be playing NoizeFest. This year's roster will include 3 current and former Chef Menteur members: Alec Vance, Dan Haugh and Bryan Killingsworth.

For more info:

16 Apr 2010
A Scarlet Migration now on iTunes
You can now download the latest album by Sketches of an Amorous Window from the iTunes Music Store.

23 Feb 2010
Archipelago live set and interview on WTUL
On Sunday, Feb 21, Archipelago will do a couple of live songs on WTUL with DJ Kyle B. Tune in at 12 noon CST at 91.5fm in New Orleans or listen on the internet at

20 Feb 2010
Gesteirfahrer live tonight at Barrister's
Sorry for the late notice! More info here.

16 Dec 2009
download the free "potpie simulator" drone machine
from alec's blog: Sinewave workshop 1.0.7., a standalone drone machine for Mac OS X and Max/MSP.

11 Dec 2009
Sketches of an Amorous Window: BPR debut
A Geisterfahrer side project, Sketches of an Amorous Window has Aubrey and Shea taking a detour into pastoral Americana, European folk and above all Southern gothic with gentle echoes of country vocals, harmonies, slide guitars and banjos. It's a more song-oriented and traditional approach, but it still has the trademark sad, dark echoey mournful sound of Geisterfahrer.

This is their third release through their own label, .CitiZen.oBjeCts., and is the first to be listed on Backporch Revolution. We hope to see many more.

11 Sep 2009
Rave reviews for Becca Rice debut
Just got word of two really nice reviews of the beautiful debut by Becca Rice:

Offbeat says "Becca Rice should be the voice of movie soundtracks for the indie movement... If Rob Gordon—John Cusack in High Fidelity—were a real person, this would certainly be in his top five wonderfully depressing records of all time."

Foxy Digitalis gives it 9 out of 10!

29 Jul 2009
Geisterfahrer - "Telegraph"
Geisterfahrer has finished recording and mixing their latest album "Telegraph". Amazing stuff, if you liked "The Quiet Failings Of..." you will be very happy about "Telegraph". Stay tuned for the release date.

23 Jul 2009
Sir Richard Bishop / Archipelago June 6th VENUE CHANGE
Archipelago, Backporch Revolution's free folk / drone ensemble will be opening for guitar stylist/virtuoso and world traveler Sir Richard Bishop (of the legendary Sun City Girls) who is playing with a full band for the first time, and Oakland outfit Oaxacan.

The venue was previously listed as the Zeitgeist; the show is now at the All Ways Lounge. See the shows page for more info.

26 May 2009
King Ghidorah debut: free download
For the first time ever, the whole 2005 debut album by King Ghidorah is available for free download; a monolithic slab of heavy HEAVY drone for fans of Boris, Earth, Sunn O))), Khanate etc.

It's been out of print for a long time, and it's now yours. Enjoy!

10 May 2009
Liteworks limited ed. disc also available
Finally, you can get the CD-R for the Liteworks 2009 Tour EP here, now too.

27 Apr 2009
Brand new PinkySqueak also available online
Also, at the same time we have another new one! Pinkysqueak's second disc is chock-full of eclectic goodies from the world of Dan Haugh. Many of these tracks originally appeared on Dan's song-a-week blog at Special limited edition of 50, or download online. Get on it!

27 Apr 2009
Chef Menteur live album now available online
Chef Menteur unapologetically shows its space rock side in this collection of live (no editing or overdubs) recordings from rehearsals for shows in 2008. This album also serves a teaser for the new material that will appear (as studio versions) on Chef Menteur's forthcoming studio album. Joining Alec, Dan and Brian on these recordings is special guest and honorary member Mike Mayfield. Now available for purchase (special limited edition of 50) or free download.

24 Apr 2009
Sign up to get download access.
We're trying something new. In order to download any of the free mp3s on the site, we're asking that you sign up for our email newsletter. If you are already on the list, you'll need to re-enter your email address so that you can give yourself a password. Make sure you click the confirmation email then download away!

22 Apr 2009
3 new CD-R releases
Thanks to all that came to the expo on Saturday. Three new CD-R releases made their debut at the show: "Excavation: Live Recordings 2008" by Chef Menteur, "Special Feelings" by PinkySqueak, and "2009 Tour EP" by Liteworks. More info on those releases here soon.

23 Mar 2009
Alternative Media Expo '09, Buttons and Balzac after-party
THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA EXPO '09 is scheduled for Saturday, March 21st 2009. We return to the warehouse inside the Contemporary Arts Center at 900 Camp St., in the New Orleans CBD. Backporch Revolution will have a table with some very limited edition rarities.

Also, come to the after-party and catch the Buttons and Balzac!

See the shows page for more info, or

17 Mar 2009
RIP Antoinette K-Doe
Sadly, New Orleans has lost another cultural icon, on Mardi Gras day itself no less. More here.

26 Feb 2009
Chef Menteur show March 14
Chef Menteur will be playing on March 14th for the WTUL 50th anniversary Marathon festivities. More info to come.

23 Feb 2009
standing up against the man
glad to see someone has the courage.

18 Feb 2009
bpr in netlabel study
A while back, Max Planck Researcher Patryk Galuszka contacted us and other netlabels; he has now presented his findings.

13 Feb 2009
Liteworks show preview: download Free Tour EP!
Brand new Liteworks "tour" EP for this Wednesday's show contains two songs recorded during rehearsals for their 2009 World Tour (Circle Bar, Wed Jan 14, 10pm; see Shows for more info).
A free download.

12 Jan 2009
potpie/Krzysztof split EP
The latest offering from our man in Asheville is actually a split EP between potpie and his robot double Krzysztof. Each contributes a single long track inspired by bluegrass music.

potpie's approach is to take dozens of tiny loops of actual bluegrass recordings and layer them into a hypnotic avant-grass jam. Then Krzysztof uses a sine wave generator to create what sounds like a robot hoedown!

As with all potpie's releases this is a super-limited edition of 50, hand-made and -numbered by the artist.

12 Jan 2009
Liteworks live at Circle Bar this Wed.
Stop by the Circle Bar at 10pm this Wed (Jan 14) to see the live debut of Liteworks. Up till now Mike Mayfield's (the Buttons) solo recording project, for the live show Mike has drafted Mike Jones (Belong), Joey Keppel (the Buttons), and Alec Vance (Chef Menteur). Expect an evening of blissed-out drones, oscillating filter sweeps, micro modulations and phaser tweaking reminiscient of the ambient "kosmische" side of krautrock bands such as Harmonia, Cluster, Faust, and Popol Vuh mixed in with a bit of Raymond Scott and other early electronics pioneers.

11 Jan 2009
Geisterfahrer's Quiet Failings now on iTunes
Get it!

08 Jan 2009
BpR discs at More Fun Comics
If you're in New Orleans, stop by More Fun Comics (8200 Oak Street)--they now carry a wide range of Backporch Revolution releases, including the last 2 Chef Menteur albums, Time Promises Power's "Tomorrow Grieves Today", potpie's "Classics", Murmur's "Fermata", and The Quiet Failings of Geisterfahrer. All releases are only $10!

31 Dec 2008
Shinola songs on CyTunes
Shinola's songs are now available exclusively through CyTunes, a just-launched site to raise money for brain tumor cancer research. CyTunes is named after Cy Rawls, an ardent supporter of the North Carolina music scene (where BPR was founded) who recently passed away after battling a brain tumor.

18 Dec 2008
Can we trade up to some Dutch engineers already?
For those who doubted that the Army Corps of Engineers—the Federal civilian branch who designed and maintained the levees, and who have already admitted that it was their faulty designs that caused the greatest natural man-made disaster in American history—hold the welfare of the citizens of New Orleans in contempt, watch this report.

17 Dec 2008
(The Quiet Failings of) Geisterfahrer
Geisterfahrer is the mysterious name of a brilliant unsung New Orleans ambient/drone duo consisting of the very talented b. aubrey and shae freeman... and to our great pleasure, the latest addition to the Backporch Revolution collective.

Their new release is called "The Quiet Failings Of..." and it's a swampy, night-time sleeper whose melodies will grow on you like kudzu and cling like a mosquito.

There are lots of exotic and home-made instruments on this album in addition to field recordings and ambient sounds -- but there's no computers used at all, something which they feel lends to a more organic sounding record.

Recommended if you like: Harmonia, Seefeel, Dead Can Dance, Popul Vuh, S.D. Batish, Windy & Carl....

You may already be familiar with b. aubrey from his work on bass in other New Orleans acts such as Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? or Hooray for the Riff Raff. He and shae also run the Citizen Objects collective and have other colorful and labyrinthine side projects such as Sketches of an Amorous Widow and the Devil's Shadowless Hand.

We've got a few copies available of the limited CD, and as usual you can download many of the songs from the site or stream the entire record by clicking here.

14 Nov 2008
Becca Rice on the radio
help us get the word out — call your local college radio station and request a song from Becca Rice's debut.

13 Nov 2008
Theme music to OBAMA 08 [RIP BUSH ERA]
dr gumbo (aka Tyrconnell) brings the hello Obama, good riddance Bush noise in a new podcast episode. Babylon begone!

30 Oct 2008
Pinkysqueak (aka Dan Haugh) Music/Photo Blog
Chances are good you either like nice photos or groovy music. Maybe both. In any case, you're in luck. Check out Dan's new blog in which you can see the photo of the day and download the Pinkysqueak MP3 of the week.

29 Oct 2008
Buttons at the Brickyard
Buttons are playing a free event in the Bywater (New Orleans) at midnight on 1 November. See the shows page for more info.

22 Oct 2008
Becca Rice live
Becca Rice is playing in Rock Island, Ill. on Oct. 21st. See the shows page for more info. Congrats to Becca on winning the silver medal at Saturday's regatta, and the success of her new record.

14 Oct 2008
Becca Rice debut CD is here. Thanks to everyone who wrote us and waited patiently for this release. The seven songs on this disc make for an lovely autumn soundtrack, and if you're a fan of across-the-pond wistful and dreamy psych-folk, you will love these songs.

06 Oct 2008
Becca Rice debut shipping soon
More delays than potpie's pedalboard have had the effect of pushing back the release date on the Becca Rice mini-album, but it's officially gone into production (UPDATE: on its way from the factory) now. The damn dog days of summer over and a couple of hurricanes past, we're back on track. Look for an exact release date soon and meanwhile don't forget to download and listen to "The Unhappy".

01 Oct 2008
This art destroys fascists.
Banksy proves the case vs the Grey Ghost once and for all. See also: "Fuck You Grey Ghost" by Time Promises Power.

11 Sep 2008
open sound new orleans
a very cool site, indeed.

18 Aug 2008
new chef menteur disc on brainwashed
read the review by duncan edwards here.

04 Aug 2008
new orleans music blog
A blog that takes no prisoners written by former Antigravity writer and current Magnet writer Noah Bonaparte Pais:

03 Jul 2008
PotluckCon and Dragon's Den show
The Potluck Audio Convention (formerly TapeOp Con) comes to New Orleans this weekend (Fri-Sun, June 6-8) and on the first night of the show at the Dragon's Den local bands A Living Soundtrack and Chef Menteur are playing with out-of-towners Douglas Ferguson (Austin dronescaper), Rat Bastard (noise), and Jon Cohrs aka splnlss (Brooklyn). For more info, see the shows page.

02 Jun 2008
Killingsworth/Smith/Travis at Difficult Music #14
Saturday, May 31st from 8:00 - 10:00 PM @ McKeown's (NOLA) featuring local musicians: B. Killingsworth, Trey Smith, Austen Travis. More info.

23 May 2008
NEW Becca Rice album Coming Soon
We're really (really, really, really) excited about this upcoming release, so we're offering a FREE preview MP3 (The Unhappy) to y'all. This release has been in the works for a long time, and hopefully one of these days we'll have the actual CDs in our grubby, calloused hands.

Becca lives in Illinois (!!!), which I think makes this our first official non-New Orleans release. Crazy! She enjoys cool martinis on sunny days and coffee on rainy days.

21 May 2008
new potpie release as Kryzsztof on small doses
from Joe at small doses: "five tracks of incredible sinewave generator improvisations. no computers. no editing. it's pretty amazing stuff by Mike Karnowski, who often works under the name Potpie.... He took inspiration from the likes of Jajouka, Konono #1, and Terry Riley and churned out some complex and mesmerizing work. One one hand the music sounds incredibly modern, but if I was told this stuff was created by some tweaked out evil genius decades ago, I would certainly believe it. Numbered edition of 68 copies." More

09 May 2008
Danjo hits Noizefest 2008
Pinkysqueak —a.k.a. Dan Haugh of Chef Menteur and Time Promises Power —will be debuting the danjo at today's Noizefest '08 (not to be confused with previous year's N.O.I.S.E. festivals) here in New Orleans. Check the shows page for more info!

03 May 2008
New Releases by King Ghidorah, potpie
Two new releases by doomdragondrone trio King Ghidorah are now available for your downloading pleasure. We made them both in ultra-super-low rare limited editions for sale at the recent Antigravity convention, and of course they're sold out, but you can download the music for free.

The new release by potpie is out as well... his last recording before leaving New Orleans.

29 Apr 2008
New Release! Liteworks: Sound Sensation EP
The new EP from Liteworks—the solo project of keyboard maestro Mike Mayfield—features some more great synthesizer sounds, analog drum machines, and catchy melodies. For fans of Raymond Scott, Cluster, Angelo Badalamenti, Suicide, and Neu!

A free download! Get it here.

28 Mar 2008
Engineering a Man-made Disaster, part XII
Army Corps of Engineers cover-up in collusion with the American Society of Engineers. Your taxpayer dollar at work! American government: No accountability, W-style. Heck of a job!

27 Mar 2008
Swim Home compilation back in stock, for now...
If you missed a chance to get a copy of the critically acclaimed 2006 Backporch Revolution compilation Proud to Swim Home now is your chance. We've been out for over a year but we've got a small supply of 30 discs back from our distributor.

10 Mar 2008
Buttons download = ON
You can now download the whole Buttons album here.

02 Mar 2008
Thanks to everyone who came by our booth at last Saturday's expo, especially those that bought discs. We had several new releases come out that day, including the new one by Liteworks, and two King Ghidorah discs. More information about those releases will be on the site very soon.

29 Feb 2008
Alternative Media Expo Saturday
We'll be at the Alternative Media Expo run by Leo McGovern of Antigravity this Saturday (noon-7pm) at the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) in New Orleans with as many discs as we've ever had on stock before. Some of these are one-time repressings, some are extremely rare and are down to the last copy, some will be brand new or otherwise unavailable -- in other words, SHOW ONLY materials!

More info is here: Antigravity

Also check out this week's Gambit; the cover story is about the Expo and features Backporch Revolution!

20 Feb 2008
Murmur back in stock!
Murmur's Fermata: The Dixie Brewery Fermentation Tank Session is back in stock by mailorder from us. This is likely to be the last repressing of the CD so get it while you still can.

Also both this CD and Archipelago's Images of Popular Deities (sold out here) are now available through Small Doses Distro. Please support independent distributors!

13 Feb 2008
drone on, potpie
our sometime would-be guru, self-appointed king of drone, ambiguously noise-hating, priest-loving pal, sir michael of the karnows, known to brewers as elvis, to drinkers as pizzle, and to local music goers as potpie, or more commonly "that guy who plays that one note song for 30 minutes and drives the whole crowd outside" has decided that there weren't enough hippies for his tastes here in new orleans and has decided with his companion (and our friend) gabe to move on up to asheville.

happy trails to mike and gabe, and here's to a successful move to the home of moog music, mountain air and moonshine.

potpie's new release (and the final recording of his long tenure in new orleans) potpie plays the classics should be available very soon. keep checking here for more details.

in the meantime, we've made the entire album field saturation vol. 1 (long out of print, and one of his best) available as a free download. enjoy!

12 Feb 2008
Murmur repressing
We've ordered 100 more of Murmur's Fermata: The Dixie Brewery Fermentation Tank Session. It won't be here till the end of February, but you can pre-order your copy through us or Aquarius Records.

31 Jan 2008
Mugulusha Soundsystem: new podcast
The Mugulasha Soundsystem's second exclusive podcast for Backporch Revolution is a love letter to the wildly beautiful music of Brazil. Comprised mostly of Tropicalia, Bossa Nova, and some funk numbers, the mix does take the occasional dip into the tribal pulse of Bahia's axé, Os Mutantes' Beatles-inspired psychedelia, and of course plenty of sublime samba.

Get it here. It's Carnival time after all!

25 Jan 2008

Dan Haugh interview at defgrip
a role model for rad d00dz? you be the judge: brian tunney at defgrip

23 Jan 2008
Murmur at Aquarius
Murmur's Fermata: The Dixie Brewery Fermentation Tank Session is now available at Aquarius Records in SF, by mailorder on their site. Also check the groovy blurb!

03 Jan 2008
Archipelago + Murmur sold out
We've sold out of both the new Archipelago (limited edition of 50) and Murmur (limited to 100) discs, however you can still get them at Autumn Wind, and there will be a handful of the Murmur discs available at Aquarius soon.

28 Dec 2007
tinymixtapes: archipelago in 2007 round-up
Archipelago's Images of Popular Deities makes the 2007 "eureka!" list at tinymixtapes.

19 Dec 2007
potpie with numbers of the mast and inversion effect
catch this show this saturday dec. 15 at mckeown's. see the shows page for more info. Numbers on the Mast is our good friend and collaborator trey smith's band from austin.

11 Dec 2007
New Chef Menteur album on iTunes
You can now also get The Answer's in Forgetting online via iTunes.

11 Dec 2007
Antigravity reviews The Answer’s In Forgetting
[excerpt] Since Chef Menteur was last seen playing live as a loud trio, it’s no surprise that new, hard-hitting drummer Dan Haugh has brought a more solid, cohesive, and cymbal-oriented noise wash to the album.... Forgetting sounds cleaner, more streamlined and grounded than the previous album... The songs act as journeys and escapes, and I suggest turning out the lights for full effect. We already knew Chef Menteur was gutsy, and with Forgetting we now know they have the patience to refine, refine and refine their ideas, with the result being that the band should get more national recognition and, hopefully, a little more local respect. Chef Menteur’s not just playing around with knobs—they’re coming into their art and doing things no one else has. [Four-star rating!] --JASON SONGE

08 Dec 2007
Chef Menteur CD Released
You can get it here... as well as download the free mp3.

27 Nov 2007
BPR CD's available at 3 new spots...
Autumn Wind Productions is carrying the latest Murmur and Archipelago CDs. San Francisco's infamous Aquarius Records will have Murmur's Fermata in stock soon. Also thanks to Joe at small-doses for the support; they will also be carrying our discs soon.

27 Nov 2007
Free mp3 download from new Chef Menteur album
"Trebuchet", the first song from "The Answer's In Forgetting" is available for a limited time as a free download, a week before the album's release on Nov. 27.

Get it here

21 Nov 2007
Nouveau Chef Menteur on Nov 27
Here's some happening news for you hippies. "Space rock combo" Chef Menteur has a new album coming out. It's called THE ANSWER'S IN FORGETTING and we're psyched (like psychedelic, man) to release it on the popular compact disc format on November 27th, commemorating the anniversary of Gerald Ford's stumbling into the role of vice president in 1973. This way-out, nine-song collection of music was written with the intention of being listened to, a concept we are in the process of having patented, so don't steal that idea, narc. Oh... This'll really flip your wig: Miranda Lake (the artist, not the lake) did the artwork, and it's way ace. So yeah, if you dig groovy albums with hip artwork, and you also dig run-on sentences with outmoded adjectives, then you're gonna totally dig the free MP3 download that we'll be offering in a week or so, man. It'll make you see things - things worth sharing.

02 Nov 2007
Murmur: Fermata Repressing
Not surprisingly, the initial ultra-limited run of hand-made cd-rs are gone (we made less than 20), and being so well received with drone/experiemental listeners, we have available the first pressing run of 100 cd's which are now available. UPDATE: we have a very limited quantity of these left.

11 Sep 2007
Uptown Cajun All-stars video on YouTube
Uptown Cajun All-stars video on YouTube

07 Aug 2007
Murmur: Fermata (The Dixie Brewery Fermentation Tank Session) release
This is the release dronologists have been waiting for. The two-year old tape from this legendary session inside a fermentation tank in the old Dixie Brewery (now ruined by Hurricane Katrina) after many rumours and promises, is finally being released. It sounds so good as it is no reverb or effects or even mastering was needed. Two 20+ minute drones that will unravel slowly in a metallic haze of uneartlhy resonance. Murmur's finest release to date from perhaps the most unique recording situation ever.

28 Jul 2007
MURMUR returns: Thursday 27 July
As usual, it's been a slow-ish summer for shows in New Orleans, but secretive acoustic drone cult Murmur will be performing at the Circle Bar this Thursday and is rumoured to be bringing the highly anticipated release of their legendary "Fermata" recording session taped live in an empty beer fermentation tank at the now-looted and abandoned Dixie Brewery on Tulane Avenue. See the shows page for more info.

23 Jul 2007
Band Photos
See! Acadian assault team the Uptown Cajun All-stars and many of the other faces behind the madness... we've now added a photo section for each artist.

19 Jul 2007
Aux armes citoyens!
New podcast: Bastille Day mix of chansons en français.

15 Jul 2007
new podcast: avon's marathon mix, parts 1 and 2.
see the podcast page for more info.

12 Jun 2007
potpie's The Unfortunate Sons now up
We got a request for this classic drone/bluegrass disc from an WFMU listener. Since it's out of print, we just uploaded it and made the whole thing a free download.

11 Jun 2007
Soul Sister Presents Sound Clash
Mike Mayfield will be up early among the many DJ's spinning at the Big Top this Friday, June 8. Check the shows page for more info. Get there before 10 to see Mike and get in free.

06 Jun 2007
DJ Tyrconnell at Big Easy Rollergirls vs Memphis
On Sat. May 19, our resident podcaster DJ Tyrconnell will be once again delivering the sounds for the Big Easy Rollergirls' bout against the visiting Memphis all-star team.

17 May 2007
NOISE: a NOLA music/culture discussion list
If you are interested in subscribing to NOISE, a new experimental/indie music/arts/food/culture discussion list for New Orleans please sign up for our announcements list at the bottom of the page and our mailbot will send you a link to the info/subscription page.

15 May 2007
Confederacy of Dances this weekend
Gabe Pickard (bass, Shatner; cello, Archipelago) puts together this premiere experimental dance event in New Orleans each year. This weekend —Fri and Sat, May 11-12— is the ninth year of Confederacy of Dances, and backporch revolution artists Electrical Spectacle, potpie, and B. Killingsworth will work with the dancers to perform musical pieces. Also this year, quite a few backporch revolution cohorts and agents will be dancing as well. But you'll have to come and see to find out who! See the shows page for more info.

10 May 2007
Four Twenty
Two new things for 4/20:

PinkySqueak gets ambient with FOURTWOQ...

... and Tyrconnell drops a new DJ mix

20 Apr 2007
Tyrconnell djs Big Easy Rollergirls' championship bout
This Sunday when you go see our own local lovely ladies spin their wheels in the championship skate-off in Algiers, you will also get to hear BpR podcaster Tyrconnell (aka Dylan O'Donnell) spin his wheels of steel.

18 Apr 2007
GF!NOLA podcast debuts.
Since returning from the exile from the ACOEMEMMD (Army Corps of Engineers Mis-Engineered Man Made Disaster formerly known as Hurricane Katrina), a super-secret sip-and-slurp society of music and mixers has met on the uh, back porch, and has quite regularly, in irregular fashion, fashioned mixes of music in the way one would fashion an Old Fashioned, but without the old man smell. Well, usually without the old man smell.

The spring/summer of 2006 may have been a golden age for mixing; please treat your ears to this, our first installment of hopefully many GF! rebroadcasted podcasts:

GF_001: dannonball's drone and postrock mix

03 Apr 2007
La Concha Cocktail vol 2
Tyrconnell brings another mix to massage your ears with the second installment of the La Concha Cocktail series. Beginning with several strings-enhanced sounds for jet-setters and headphonauts alike, the Cocktail gets an extra shot towards the end as it takes a dip in the dub. Suggested accessories: start with a bottle of Fume' Blanc and finish it off with a stiff mojito or caipiroska!

29 Mar 2007
NOISE picts
Thanks to all who came to N.O.I.S.E. this past weekend; here are some photos from the event courtesy of Court, Mike M. and Dan.

26 Mar 2007
Archipelago debut
The improvisational free folk mystery cult Archipelago has finally allowed one of its many recordings to be released. Images of Popular Deities was hand-pressed in a limited, numbered edition of 50 copies. Archipelago will also be playing the N.O.I.S.E. event March 24th.

18 Mar 2007
Mugulasha Soundsystem
The Mugulasha Soundsystem is our newest podcast selector and today we've got the DJ duo's first mix, a pulsating variety of African grooves from across borders and eras.

13 Mar 2007
La Concha Cocktail
New Tyrconnell podcast episode: La Concha Cocktail Volume 01 finds Tyrconnell back in familiar territory: downtempo, organic beats from across the globe. Throw in a rasta-fried cover of "Karma Police" and a couple of bossa-inspired shakedowns and you have the perfect complement to your intergalactic sunset.

07 Mar 2007
Ash Wednesday Special
We hope you had a happy Carnival season, which ended yesterday with Mardi Gras of course. If you celebrated sufficiently you should feel pretty happily worn out, and ready to get back to less colorful matters. Here's something you can do instead of putting that dumb ash on your forehead—watch Chef Menteur's live version of "War Pigs" from the 6/6/6 show (with help from "W"), now on YouTube..

21 Feb 2007
Tyrconnell Podcast
Our good friend Dylan O'Donnell, known for his turntable exploits in Rome as well as here in New Orleans today brings us the first Tyrconnell podcast, the first in a series. And as today happens to be some obscure holiday to do with some Italian saint, so his music is likewise themed.

14 Feb 2007
The Owl Ring and the Smiling Bag
When you hear those words together, you know what's up.

The PinkySqueak debut LP is here.

01 Feb 2007
Pinkysqueak: off the can.
PinkySqueak, known by the IRS as Daniel J. Haugh, has officially released his first Extended-Play recording. It rules, and you should download it from this site. Oh, and check out the totally awesome artwork, too.

22 Jan 2007
New Orleans: March on City Hall
The killing in New Orleans is out of control; last week it surpassed Iraq.

Thursday, the leader of local band The Troublemakers' leader and doctor Paul Gailiundas and his wife filmmaker Helen Hill were shot; Helen died on the scene. Paul was shot three times but is expected to recover. See yesterday's Times-Picayune front page story and today's front page story.



With so many feeling helpless in the face of the latest tragic shootings, Marigny and Bywater residents are planning a march to City Hall to demand action.

The march is scheduled for Thursday, January 11 which will be the one week anniversary of Helen Hill's murder and the two week anniversary of the murder of Dinerral Shavers, a teacher & the drummer from the Hot 8 Band.

Meet at the Foot of Canal near Aquarium, 11.00am.

06 Jan 2007
Swim Home Stickers available again
By popular demand, we're now offering the original Proud To Swim Home stickers again.

29 Dec 2006
Proud to Swim Home: international release.
Proud to Swim Home: released today (Nov 14). We're out of copies here, but you can find it in finer record stores and

14 Nov 2006
Sound Patterns
You've seen sound represented by equalizers and digital screen savers, but what might sound really look like? Our man Bryan worked up a little experiment with his Doepfler analog synth, a bowl, a sheet of plastic and a laser pointer and captured it on video for his Sound Patterns experiment.

09 Nov 2006
B. Killingsworth Debut Released
The excellent solo debut Electricity Poems, Vol I. & II by analog alchemist B. Killingsworth is here. For fans of modular synthesis and minimal experimentalism. A free download!

12 Oct 2006
Proud to Swim Home: New Orleans
Now available in New Orleans at Louisiana Music Factory, The Mushroom, and McKeown's Books. Officially available Nov 14 in fine record stores nationwide and beyond.... or you can order one now from this site.

14 Sep 2006
potpie's Waterline sold out
Sorry folks, as usual the limited edition of potpie's latest release has sold out. You can still get the song "Blues for the Lower 9", which has been called the centerpiece of the album, on the Proud to Swim Home compilation.

13 Sep 2006
8/29: Compilation Release and Party
Our new compilation "Proud To Swim Home" will be released on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. On the same night, to celebrate / mourn / exorcise in typical New Orleans fashion we will be having a night of drinking and music at the Circle Bar, Tuesday August 29th featuring Chef Menteur, potpie, B. Killingsworth and Anton. For more information about the artists playing the show, see the SHOWS page. More information about the compilation CD, or you can order it online from our catalog.

29 Aug 2006
Antigravity Alternative Media Expo
Backporch Revolution will be exhibiting at the Antigravity Alternative Media Expo on Saturday August 19th (4-10pm at the Howlin' Wolf). We'll have stickers, CDs, limited edition CD-Rs, T-shirts and special limited prelease copies of the new Proud to Swim Home album for sale.

14 Aug 2006
Liteworks Debut Released
Perhaps it's appropriate that today, July 20th, is the release date of the first Liteworks album, as it's the anniversary of the Moon Landing. Mike Mayfield (the Buttons, Electrical Spectacle, Chef Menteur) decided it was time to do a solo project when he was exiled in Austin for a few months; fortunately he had managed to rescue some of his classic analog keyboards. More downtempo than Mike's work in the Buttons and the Spectacle, these are some really nice ambient retro electronica tracks. And best of all, the whole album (art and all) is here for your guilt-free downloading pleasure.

20 Jul 2006
Compilation update; Hidden Track leaked
We just finished mastering the Backporch Revolution Proud to Swim Home compilation and it sounds awesome, in our humble collective opinion. John Fischbach worked his usual terrific magic—and in this case particulary difficult magic as there were many disparate artists with different sounds. We've decided on a release date of 8/29 to coincide with the one-year anniversary of Katrina. Stay tuned for more news here. The hidden bonus (if by bonus you think torturous) track on the compilation has been leaked to Duncan at WTUL, who then leaked it to, so we made a temporary spot for people to download, if you want to dig for it from there. For the truly obsessive and self-hating only.

09 Jun 2006
6/6/6 Sabbath show at the Big Top
Big Hair Productions in association with Backporch Revolution Present... Tuesday Bloody Tuesday: an evening of Black Sabbath covers with Backporch Revolution artists Chef Menteur, Electrical Spectacle, and Shatner plus special guests Johnathan Freilich and the Dark Shabbos and T.K.B. For more info, see the shows page.

26 May 2006
potpie's WATERLINE released
The prolific potpie has released his first post-K album, Waterline, and we think, his best ever, encompassing more fully than ever before the depth and breadth of his textured/layered drone approach. For a limited edition of 50 (get them while you can!), each cover was hand-dipped to resemble a sight familiar to so many New Orleanians: the rusty, stained lines on the side of each house marking in multifaceted shades the history of the flood levels on each house. More info...

03 May 2006
PROUD TO SWIM HOME: Backporch Revolution Compilation Announcement
We've been holding back, but since the very same day (the same day the levees broke, days after that Hurricane) that Dan coined the phrase "Proud to Swim Home" for the (almost insanely) popular bumperstickers we've been selling for charity at, we also decided to release a compilation on the label with the same name.

Since then, we've been busy rebuilding our lives in the city but we've also been collecting new tracks from various artists on the roster. We'd hoped to have this out earlier, but you know how it goes. With the WTUL compilation songs, trying to get missing and flooded equipment replaced and repaired, finding a new place to practice, resetting up all the equipment, well the list of excuses goes on and on. But at least we had the foresight not to announce it until it was ready, right? Well, ready except for mastering, which it turns out will now have to wait till after Jazz Fest because you know how all the external musical resources in this city get sucked up by the Fest. Anyway, look for the compilation soon.

Artists to be featured: Chef Menteur, potpie, Murmur, Archipelago, the Bastard Sons of Morton Subotnick, the Buttons, Time Promises Power, Uptown Cajun All-stars, Bryan Killingsworth, Liteworks (Mike Mayfield's solo project), King Ghidorah, and a couple more surprises including a totally heavy radical remix by DJ pinkySqueak. As before, all profits will be going to charities best representing rebuilding/rehabilitating the hurricane-hit needy humans and animals of New Orleans.

27 Apr 2006

Chef Menteur review in THE WIRE
The Wire magazine (Issue #265, March 2006, print only) from the UK wrote up Chef Menteur's latest album, with words like "epic, rolling quality" and "shimmering, lush.... wonderous space rock ambience."

27 Apr 2006
Time Promises Power album released
Time Promises Power is back from their record release show (and debut performance) with FCS North, Scientific American, et al in Seattle... many thanks to the massmvmnt crew for their support in getting this album made. The new album Tomorrow Grieves Today is out today; check your favorite indie record store or Amazon, etc. "TPP stylishly mesh psych/Kraut rock with asteroid-shimmer ambience and sure-footed beat programming." -- Dave Segal, The Stanger (Seattle)

11 Apr 2006
TPP New Record Release Party in Seattle
Backporch Revolution is proud to announce the release of the second Time Promises Power album (an actual CD, this time). This will be a co-release with MassMvmnt, who will also be distributing the album to North America, Europe, Japan, and beyond, as well as arranging for single and remix releases from MassMvmnt artists. A joint release party with Time Promises Power and other MassMvmnt acts is planned for April 5. See the SHOWS page for more details.

13 Mar 2006
Chef Menteur's triumphant return
This time it's official. Chef Menteur will be playing the Circle Bar on Tuesday, April 25. See the SHOWS page for more details.

13 Mar 2006
Be a Jukebox Hero
Click the BPR RADIO link at the top right of any page and you'll still be streaming a random playlist of the best backporchrevolution tracks, but now you can also play all available mp3 tracks by an artist, all tracks from an album, or just one song at a time — even from songs that aren't available for download. Go to an artist or release page and click "play" or "play all tracks".

07 Mar 2006
Carnival 360

hope your Mardi Gras was as good as Christy's!

05 Mar 2006

Three Shows in February
Check the SHOWS page for 3 new shows this month featuring Shatner, the Buttons, Archipelago and potpie. Not bad for the shortest month of the year.

07 Feb 2006
WTUL Compilation to Feature Three BpR Artists...

Our favorite New Orleans radio station (by far) is WTUL. This year the challenges facing the nonprofit station are immense; in addition to the usual annual fundraising needs, 'TUL has been forced to temporarily operate out of a local coffee shop due to Hurricane Katrina (that bitch).

Backporch Revolution has 3 artists who will be appearing on the 2 CD compilation (which will also feature many well-known national underground acts):

  • Chef Menteur's brand new collaboration with Alexandra Scott, "Oceanic no. 23",

  • the debut release from BpR cult/ensemble Archipelago called "the earth moves five ways",

  • a hidden track from a mystery BpR artist

Look for it soon and support WTUL during its annual Marathon!

25 Jan 2006
Time Promises Power album finished
The second Time Promises Power album, Tomorrow Grieves Today, has been completed. It will be a split release with Mass Mvmnt, who will also be releasing a 12" single of one of the tracks! Look for it early 2006.

19 Dec 2005
Bastard Sons, Anton G., and Mididextrous debut.
backporch revolution recording artists The Bastard Sons of Morton Subotnick (CM collaborators potpie and Bryan Killingsworth) is playing the Circle Bar with Anton (Electrical Spectacle) and Conner (WTUL dj) on Nov. 27th. Conner will be debuting his invention MIDIDEXTROUS, which is his glove-based midi controller/interface and using it to perform a experimental electronic set.

25 Nov 2005
Chef Menteur side project Oulabe Mingo will play their debut show at the Howlin' Wolf (new location) on Saturday, Nov. 19. (10pm) -- 3/4 of CM plus Dan H. on drums and the ubiquitous potpie. Heavier, space/punk rock a la Acid Mothers, Hawkwind, Sabbath, gy!be. Half-CM, Half-Shatner, Half-godheadSilo.

19 Nov 2005
Katrina Trading Cards. presents the first set of trading cards. Set one includes cards of Mayor Ray Nagin and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco. Really nice designs by BpR designer Dan Haugh!

24 Oct 2005
Chef Menteur show
Chef Menteur will be doing an improv set at the Circle Bar on Thursday, Oct. 20. See the Chef Menteur site for details.

17 Oct 2005
Online Orders
We're back in New Orleans and our inventory survived Katrina and Rita completely, so you can now place orders through the web site again! Please allow us 2 weeks for shipping, as we're a bit disorganized at the moment.

17 Oct 2005
New Orleans: Proud To Swim Home

Spread the good word and help rebuild our city! Don't listen to those negative jerks who say that New Orleans can't, won't or shouldn't come back. New Orleans is our home, and the greatest city on earth, and neither of those things is going to change because some no-good hurricane gave us a little grief.

New Orleans: Proud To Swim Home stickers and shirts will have all proceeds to donated to Habitat for Humanity and the Humane Society. Plus, you'll be showing your pride and commitment to rebuilding N.O.

14 Sep 2005
Viva Atlantis
Backporch Revolution being New Orleans-based is in exile and on hiatus. Everyone in the group got out and is safe, but the future is unknown.... The web server is not in New Orleans so feel free to browse and download free stuff -- but ordering actual records is suspended for the time being, possibly forever.

30 Aug 2005
BPR Radio -- Kicking out the Jams, Motherfucker. 24/7.
Click on the new BPR RADIO link, above. You'll be glad you did!

23 Aug 2005
R.I.P. Bob Moog
Sad news for the world, a great man has passed into the outer spheres. His passion for sound and electronics will continue to oscillate through the music his inventions enabled.

22 Aug 2005
King Ghidorah show review...
... at Live New Orleans dot com:

"Still, hearing that the Hi-Ho, of all places, told a group to turn down is a good impetus to see that band. The incident was evidence that King Ghidorah might actually be the heaviest band in New Orleans. You're gonna have to pry that title out of their dead hands, now."

17 Aug 2005
Hi Ho! ... R.I.P.
It's official: the Hi Ho is no longer a place for bands to play. Each member of King Ghidorah was demanded to turn down twice by the management of the formerly almost-anything-goes Hi Ho Lounge. If you can't play loud at a shitty punk rock club in laissez-faire N.O., what's the fucking point?

16 Aug 2005
BPR feature in Antigravity, y'all
The August issue of Antigravity Magazine contains a 2-page exposé on the Backporch Revolution mind control collective and

Perhaps our intents have been made too clear. Is the time right to reveal ourselves? You be the judge. Pick up a copy at your local beering or coffeeing hole.

(One slight correction: It's not "Chef Menteur's Backporch Revolution" as the cover would have you believe; quite the opposite as BPR is the puppet master and CM are mere puppets.)

11 Aug 2005
That's WELCOME for you Freedom Friers — as in "Bienvenue à la Louisiane," which is the sign you see driving on the highway crossing the borders into this boot-shaped state that hangs like a limp bizkit into the Gulf of Mexicorn and roughly translates to "You just got sucked into the state ranking #49 of 50 on just about every poll (thank god for Mississippi!)."

As I was saying, welcome commies, bootlicking freaks, freeloaders and godwhoring mush-for-brains alike. We hope, with our music, to meld you into the collective mind with hypnotic invisible melodies and androgynous drones. To synthesize your throughts so you won't have to.

Download as many free mp3s as you can and spread the love. Music is the stuff of dreams, as they say, so dream on, music lover. Dream on. And be one with the hive.

01 Aug 2005