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Geisterfahrer BPR-050
IdylHouse EP - the Hurricane demos
On 29 August 2012 Hurricane Isaac crawled into New Orleans, knocking out electricity for most of the city. This EP was written and recorded during and after the storm over five days while the power was out utilizing battery-operated equipment. Songs are presented in the order they were recorded.
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digital album, 2012
Geisterfahrer BPR-046
One Lonely Cricket
This EP was recorded as long-form minimalist-drone companion pieces to the "Telegraph" album and uses no computers or synthesizers in any way.
digital album, 2011
Geisterfahrer BPR-045
Stained Lunar
geisterfahrer continues its journey into darker territory. another beautiful and haunting release.
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limited edition CD-R, 2011
Geisterfahrer BPR-039
Geisterfahrer's second album on Backporch Revolution is another glorious immersion into a world of dreamy minimalism, kosmik drone, and oriental shivers which serve as an ambient backdrop for some outstanding songwriting.
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limited edition CD-R, 2010
Geisterfahrer BPR-034
The Quiet Failings of...
Geisterfahrer's latest album is a collage of sounds taking inspiration from minimalism, ambient/drone, krautrock, classical Indian music, shoegaze and pagan psychedelia. The duo chooses not to use computers or synthesizers, instead creating textured sonic layers utilizing manipulated conventional instrumentation, effects, field recordings (both natural & mechanical) and unconventional recording techniques. From quiet to unsettling, Geisterfahrer's effect is rarely immediate, rather revealing itself over time.

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limited edition CD-R, 2008