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Geisterfahrer is .b. aubrey & shae freeman. Geisterfahrer creates ambient & minimalist-inspired works by manipulating conventional instruments, analog & field recording, effects and non-traditional engineering techniques. THERE ARE NO SYNTHS OR COMPUTERS USED. process=product

Influences: the rhythms of wind and water; forest light; machinerysound; satie, krautrock/kosmisch (harmonia, neu!, cluster, popol vuh, monoton.....etc), later raymond scott, seefeel/scala, arvo part, coil, s.d. batish, dif juz & early 4AD records, augustus pablo, Einstuerzende Neubauten, abba, durutti column & much much more.....

Sounds Like: catatonic dance music, or, strings on ludes
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.b. aubrey
shae freeman
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