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Improvisational psychedelic free folk ensemble.
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Archipelago BPR-041
The Earth Moves Five Ways
One night's improvisation from 2004, recorded live in an empty mansion in the Lower Garden district of New Orleans finally makes its official debut. Some fantastic variations of mood and tone throughout this session. An excerpt from this session originally appeared on the 2006 compilation Proud To Swim Home.
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digital album, 2011
Archipelago BPR-025
Images of Popular Deities
The free-folk ensemble Archipelago's first album contains four elecroacoustic improv pieces that violate the borders of world and weird music.

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limited edition CD-R, 2007
Archipelago BPR-042
Two Fires
"Such was the sad ending of a work of death, the result of seventy years of industry...."

Two improvisations from two separate sessions featuring the post-2008 lineup of Archipelago.
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digital album, 2011