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Heavy metal prog-rocking electronic soundscapes for your sister's new lover.
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PinkySqueak BPR-037
Special Feelings
Pinkysqueak's second disc is chock-full of eclectic goodies from the world of Dan Haugh. Many of these tracks originally appeared on Dan's song-a-week blog at
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limited edition CD-R, 2009
PinkySqueak BPR-026
"Look here, hippy; this'll be the most awesome 23 minutes and 44 seconds of mind-blowing, gnard-smashing shit you've heard since you smacked your head on that tree last week. Well, YOU said it was tree, but actually it was me, you stoner."

"This is dedicated to all my pothead friends, you fucking hosers - get a job!"

4:20 - p.Squeak
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digital album, 2007