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Chef Menteur
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Starship tugboat captains of your droney dreams.
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Chef Menteur SOB004
Sunrise Ocean Bender has released a 3-album Chef Menteur set on 3 CDs, called "III."

Beautiful packaging, some very rare tracks, new remastering (for "Force Majeure", previously available only on cassette), and a whole album's worth of music ("North of Tomorrow & South of Yesterday") that was never publicly released at all. Also available as a digital download.

Contains the albums "East of the Sun & West of the Moon", "North of Tomorrow & South of Yesterday", and "Force Majeure".
CD, 2015
Chef Menteur BPR-054
Force Majeure
Released on Waypoint Tapes. Only $4.50+shipping at Aquarius Records, if you can find one left..... Only 50 copies available!

"...finally, hereís a cassette-only follow up, and right out of the gate, itís another stunner... Super limited tape from this New Orleans band, another batch of gorgeous psych-kraut and groovy droned out space rock. " -- AQUARIUS RECORDS
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cassette, 2014
Chef Menteur BPR-044
East of the Sun & West of the Moon
Several years in the making, Chef Menteur has released the epic tone-poem known as East of the Sun & West of the Moon, their most complete and ambitious work yet, with nods to kosmiche, neo-psychedelia, 60's British folk and Warp-style electronica as well as the ambient/space foundation they've always built on. The vinyl packaging has to be seen to be believed. Each gatefold jacket is hand-printed and numbered by artist Thomas Peri. Super-collectible limited edition of 200. Also available as a digital download (comes included with vinyl).
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Double LP (33 RPM), 2012 $40.00