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Chef Menteur
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Starship tugboat captains of your droney dreams.
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Chef Menteur SOB004
Sunrise Ocean Bender has released a 3-album Chef Menteur set on 3 CDs, called "III."

Beautiful packaging in a triptych gatefold that includes 2 of our best albums and some rare track: our vinyl double album epic, a new remastering(for "Force Majeure", previously available only on cassette and a whole album's worth of music ("North of Tomorrow & South of Yesterday") that was never publicly released at all.

“ … ‘III’ is probably the best way to experience the protean New Orleans instrumental outfit Chef Menteur. Their sound, other than a consistent commitment to patience, scale, and noise, can be hard to pin down, but after you’ve made your way through all three discs here you at least have a sense of their scope. … riches abound on all three efforts, and together they make for a hell of a survey.”—Dusted Magazine

“The music differs from hard-rocking sonic assaults through ambient, atmospheric soundscapes to minimal, experimental and sometimes electronic experiments, and it can all happen even within one track. There's stuff to like for post rock fans, prog maniacs, space heads as well as those who dig modern indie rock. No matter if your favourite band is Radiohead, Lumerians or GSY!BE, you will enjoy this.”—DJ Astro/Astral Plane

“New Orleans band Chef Menteur don’t really tear up the rule book, they shred it and feed it to the pigs. This is a band that rides roughshod over genres and flatten boundaries … This is in the Ben-Hur of music. It has a sprawling quality that is almost intimidating, but don’t let it put you off, treat it as a T bone steak … ”—ColourHorizon

Contains the albums "East of the Sun & West of the Moon", "North of Tomorrow & South of Yesterday", and "Force Majeure".
CD, 2015
Chef Menteur BPR-054
Force Majeure
Released on Waypoint Tapes. Only $4.50+shipping at Aquarius Records, if you can find one left..... Only 50 copies available!

"...finally, here’s a cassette-only follow up, and right out of the gate, it’s another stunner... Super limited tape from this New Orleans band, another batch of gorgeous psych-kraut and groovy droned out space rock. " -- AQUARIUS RECORDS
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cassette, 2014
Chef Menteur BPR-044
East of the Sun & West of the Moon
Several years in the making, Chef Menteur has released the epic tone-poem known as East of the Sun & West of the Moon, their most complete and ambitious work yet, with nods to kosmiche, neo-psychedelia, 60's British folk and Warp-style electronica as well as the ambient/space foundation they've always built on. The vinyl packaging has to be seen to be believed. Each gatefold jacket is hand-printed and numbered by artist Thomas Peri. Super-collectible limited edition of 200. Also available as a digital download (comes included with vinyl).
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Double LP (33 RPM), 2012